international consultancy

Are you looking to expand your business to Europe or Asia? Young TC offers complete solutions for a successful start abroad or overseas! With our knowledge and respect of both European and Asian (company) culture we are able to bridge the cultural gap and language barrier.

Starting a successful branch in Europe or Asia

Young TC explores the opportunities of your business in the European or Asian market and helps set up, maintain, expand and optimize its working activities. We have the knowledge, experience and contacts to ensure that the entire process runs smoothly from start to finish.

Practical help

From previous experience we understand that some practical issues, for example finding partners and reliable employees, may cause difficulties. We are willing to push the limit to find the best persons and establish the right contacts in order to put your organization on the European or Asian map. We are able to do that from our headquarters in the Netherlands as well as from our branches in Taiwan and China.

Asia meets Europe… Young TC will guide you through the entire process.